Get Vineyard Valley 1.1.4 ( Locked Tickets )

Vineyard Valley 1.1.4 – Conserve Vineyard Valley with Simone!

Known but worn Vineyard Hotel needs updating! Learn the secrets of cooking, maintenance and hosting of dazzling grounds, as you team up with a nice cast of unpredictable characters. Conquer hard levels explosion puzzles, complete quests, expand your company from the power of the acclaimed restaurant in the hotel destination!

He wants to spice up your life and get cooking? Plunge into the fascinating gameplay with the individual stories of your buddies as you revive the once beautiful vineyard hotel! Then join social clubs to join with other players and founders to unlock special advantages for your hotel!

Solve tough puzzles explosion
Activate the fun and volatile boosters
Build, renew and revive living at vineyard
Meet new characters and find its secrets and stories
Compete with other players, to critical acclaim
Conquer the amount and get a coveted spot on the leaderboard
Connect the club to discuss tips and unlock certain advantages you can use in the game



  1. Blocked 10 tickets, and buying gold coins is not decreasing, but increasing!


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Get Seekers Notes® 1.37.0 ( Money )

Searchers Notes® 1.37.0 – hidden-O & # 39; an object that is a beautiful game!

Embark on an incredible journey in a city that is cursed! His ways to keep a lot of secrets that are just going to show himself to the man who with a & # 39 is preferred, and it is you are for your function. Are you the owner of the artifact seeker -The Magical card! This is your destiny oppression curse. Do not waste another moment -begin battle with at this time!

What is waiting for you

– Beautiful pictures, bright personality, and scenic spots
– Free upgrade quests, trophies, and fabulous places are waiting for you
– Great story and storylines with twists and turns
– Tempting puzzle: Early maps, Lights ghosts, mosaic, and Treasure Box
– More exciting quests 6600
– You can build a collection of more than 840
– Music, which will guide you to install the game
– Craft items from the Inventor, Kuznets, and all the Fortune Teller
– Trade stuff Darkwood together with all residents
– Run creatures and creatures that magic that appease
– Play with your friends!
We are three years of age! Thank you!

Applicants Notes to the & # 39 is a free game, however, several components of the game can be purchased with real money. Please disable them if you do not want to use the purchase about your device settings.



  1. Money.


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Get Shadow Legends : Stickman Revenge – Game RPG v1.2.3 ( Coins )

Shadow of Legend: Stickman Revenge – Game RPG v1.2.3 – In each experiment, the conflict, you're going to play with the soldiers who are on a trip Beating world that stuffed with big balls Dagger weapon skins, and what strange abilities.
Be prepared, you will learn match sword and may be a fanatic fighter.
Do you have the courage, brave enough and passion!

Epic heroes such as Ninja Stickman Archer, hammer fight in the war and the fighting clans imperial epic battle ever.
You will be part of the world, which is dark, it is necessary to resist against zombies, monsters and enemies, you have a chance to fight with the games to show off your abilities.

LEGEND ★ ★ in the shadow GAMES
– each of cereals & # 39; e must fight the creatures that are attacking him when the conflict begins.
– Whenever you want to crush and reduce their use fi controls on the bottom side of the ideal, to kill or prevent getting killed.
– It may be pitch & # 39; Jacek fight with, but if you use multiple skills, you will be able to make your character powerful.
– Strive not to hit the creature and his legion, who & # 39 is the magic.

★ CALL OF DEATH & Survival mode ★
– The obstacles mode, you need to pass each level manager of the world, obscured. upgrade issues that will be conquered.
– After the fight, you go into survival mode and you do not have time, if you start a fight to be stopped. Gladiators, murderers, monsters are ready to kill you.

– You will be surprised sound effects shadows Legends and all the paintings.
– do some magic and burn the world, which is a shadow.
– Rational use the controls to deal with maximum efficiency!

★ UPDATE ★ POWER & more
– Appreciate using multiple updates in a typical RPG-games.
– Many of creating, magic, killer incredibly dangerous, and you'll want more weapons than at the beginning of them.
– Along with an assortment of shapes, level, attack, blood, and protection are extremely important to fight the enemy back.
– Many people create incredibly dangerous, and you may need a more powerful weapon.
– Upgrade your armor attack power, blood and battle and win every battle.

★ unlimited items SHADOW ★ LEGENDS
– There are different personalities in the sport, as well as the extent, attack, defense and HP play a decisive role in how well you take care of enemies.
– You buy gold medals, etc., or the value of the update.
– Use abilities and wipe the enemy is in sight in every war.
– Stickman can use weapons & special talents, such as a sword, archery, dagger … to destroy the creature rather in every conflict.
– Start printing package purchase program for beginners and shelves

– The number of characters of the system:
* Seine – swordsman
* BARETAL – Warrior
* Gerk – Spearman
* ZKURI – killer
– The system number of points 100 things: Legendary General
– Dozens of different kinds of things: Heroic – King – Emperor – Blaze – Undead – Ragnarok – Inner Flame – Chaos
– Update on the & # 39 facility with more than 100 degrees
– Every day gift for beginners
– Consume 5 active skills and passive abilities of many
– Easy operation with one-touch Chop shots.
– Ultra-excellent images
– Exciting Results

Shadow of Legend: Stickman Revenge of the famous role-playing game in the legendary studio
An attempt to feel that the most powerful of cereals & # 39; e Ninja immersed in each of the new abilities with the style of the shadow image. You will not want to miss a second in this game.

Look! Download Shadow Legends: Stickman Revenge free game and be the best in league history cereals & # 39; e



  1. A lot of gold coins


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Get バハムートラビリンス-放置系本格ファンタジーRPGxアクション-(バハラビ) v1.1.1 – RENUXZ

Bahamut Labyrinth – Lost v1.1.1 System Full Action Fantasy RPGx – 【Limited time offer】 34 times Gacha this item!

【Bahamut Labyrinth (Bahárabi) Game Introduction】
A full-blown fantasy RPG, which covers all four chapters of 2000 phase, despite the fact that this match!
· Operation is simple, play the left to fight the car!
· More than 60 characters, such as a woman who performs with the director will look like!
Strengthening jewelry to teach character personality, strengthening the transmission!
· System of the company's strategic hand
· Subcontents released from dramatic improvements can be made!
· Make the most powerful guild (union) with your friends!

【Game System
1. Press the dungeon!
Dungeon through narration over 2000 steps.
Conquer move in the underwater maze, where you can live the boss that blocks the mythical and mythical monsters, and take on boss & # 39; Bahamut »from the ground!

2. Leaving get it powerful!
The game, which is a & # 39 is a crisp function, if we neglect it!
Besides promoting dungeons activated abilities during battle and conflict, level up and transfer the collection,
Leaving it is likely to be strong! Activation can be caused by manual use capabilities that strategically!

3. Strategic party system
Features of "fire, water, wood, light, darkness" found the hero who looks just like a demon who fights
Abilities and attributes listed.
In order to get into the fact that the enemy is superior in strength, the formation of a holiday trick to success!

4. Sub content is ready!
PvP platform "Arena" rival standing among consumers, 1 week battle "Tower of the court", the fight with the manager, who lives in the dungeon, "Festival of the Dragon", "War Team," to challenge clients to each other and craft different content, including " alliance persecution "that the boss problem exists with any other packaged!

5. Heroes with the voice actors, and they & # 39 are stunning
More than 60 well-known mythical and historical characters (people) will be sold!
ACAR Uehara, Masato Ishikawa, Miko Komatsu, Yuko Komaki, Shizuka Ishigami, Kenjiro Miracle, Kazujiro Kazuro, Aki Kazuhiro, Yukari Tamura, Sho legs and many more to join us! Individuals and women & # 39 are!

6. Subscription

When you purchase the membership eligibility of 600 yen per month you can get benefits such as reduction in grants and products that are in the game.

· Honorary friendship credentials will be valid for one month from the date of purchase. In addition, friendship Eligibility is automatically updated with the card will be billed after the upgrade. Determination of one month as follows.
By the day of the month of purchase or automatic update
Example) If you have purchased or restored on January 1, honorable friendship is valid until February 1,
If there is no number, which day of the month
Example) If you bought or restored on January 31 honorable friendship valid until February 28,

Payment will be billed in Google Play credit.

· Automatic billing will be charged within 24 hours after the end interval.

· In the case of cancellation, please canceling process takes 24 hours before closing. If this circumstance, the update will not be performed.

· The process of cancellation after purchase may not be achieved within the program, but in the Google Play Store menufrom subscription.

You can not get benefits if you cancel your subscription.

After the duration of the contract is complete · Cancel membership is now in use is likely to be canceled.

· If you become a member, even if there is a free trial period is given in the company, free range will be rejected.



  1. Weak enemy.


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Get Eyes – The Horror Game v5.9.25 ( Free Shopping )

Eyes – Horror Game v5.9.25 – You're breaking in a family house in the night.
It is built like a maze and huge.
This is after you, even though you are trying to avoid!
The ghost looking for you.

RUN !!

Escape the ghosts and suffer evil jumpscares in this free, however horrible the game of terror.

Discover the Terror and animals in this free game atmosphere of terror. But no matter what, never play in the dark.

You study the air of wealth and the number of searches fills your heart.

The light flickers, thunder novels in their shelves, as well as TV turns to static electricity.

Seven reasons to get your eyes – Horror games right now:

→ Several frightening creatures to choose from – or create your own using custom visual and sound
→ Different levels to unlock. More added constantly
→ several styles of the game in order to survive
→ Use the mysterious runes Eye look around the twisted view of things
→ Check with hand-drawn map to plan your next move
→ To compete with other adventurers of the international rankings, or perform offline
→ The perfect game Terror: emphasis gameplay, unexpected jumpscares, along with a frightening atmosphere

You're going to run a mansion? Eyes – Horror games for free right now!



  1. Free Shopping.
  2. Unlimited eye.
  3. Many eyes (hints)


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Get Jetpack Hero Miami Crime v1.1 ( Godmode )

Jetpack Hero Miami v1.1 Crime – Smart AI is much more fighting.
A large collection of weapons to firearms, which with the & # 39 are neighborhood stores.
Tasks with a profit, which is an additional advantage.
You Authorities feared forces. You fancy justice and gangsters. You're a monster, half-man half-something else.
Fight For your thirst for blood and action. Choose the best approach enemies. Proceed in the sky and feel the freedom of the city of crime.

Be city nightmare that is all-powerful.



  1. god mode
  2. add money
  3. add weapons
  4. add experience
  5. Modmenu


More Info :

Get Pocket Knights 2 v1.4.1 ( 2 Version )

Pocket knights 2 v1.4.1 – About the & # 39; combine this ARPG explore the countless heaps of quests and Treats in Pocket Knights 2! Your power of Construct and improve their characters to take on bosses who are horrible. Passions high in the pocket, two knights as possible treasure hunt, which are hidden in different Battlefields, increase land mysterious call from PVP Arena and win awesome to exit on top of snacks. New struggles and experiences around every corner, so do not forget the tour!

== Features ==

【】 Command to build their strongest
Choose from more than 100 characters from the position that other
Game Heroes to unleash special combo skills are amazing

【Reinforcement, Make your strategy】
Enemies will be conquered by the master skills
Organize your shop strategically to get help

【FEE】 powerful mechanism
Discover gears in the battlefields, mysterious
Updating the gear to increase the loss of the transaction and your battlefield

【】 Battle ONLINE
Dominated by Arena, participate in guild wars, climb your way to a better
Fundraising with & # 39 are valuable and start command copies the players

Input and conquer the battles that are more difficult to make treats that are
Find transmission and loot in places that are hidden




  1. Ghost mode.
  2. Extreme damage.
  3. Rolling back a lot of skill.
  4. traversal signature.

Note: MOD v1 Auto mode does not work, and you can only play with the main character.


  1. Rolling back a lot of skill.
  2. traversal signature.


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Get Dragon Robot 2 v1.0 ( Add Money )

Dragon Robot 2 v1.0 – Attack types of robot.
Legion of enemies.
The struggle for survival.
Destroy the evil empire.
Up prehistoric monster. Distribute your iron wings, and bring Vengeance. The skills that a & # 39 are the optimal design will help you on your war. Upgrade your power weapons in your health and your freedom. Break their wings against your enemies. Burn it all and did not prove a phoenix can rise from the ashes.



  1. God Mode.
  2. Add money.
  3. Add weapons.
  4. Add experience.
  5. Modmenu.


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Get PitchBlack – Substratum Theme v68.9

Pitchblack – Substrate Thread v68.9 – WARNING: This theme is not for Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and some other OEM stock ROMs created. Please see the description for more information.

Substrate tune the engine must be loaded to use this program

Pitchblack C & # 39 featured a dark motive and who befriends black battery. Support and firmware, optimizing the balance between materialism, epic colored mixtures, which were sorted and minimalism.

Meet with a lot more, and in most subject sets Pitchblack TSMTA!
Re-iterating as wallpaper and accents will be implemented, Pitchblack provides a simple solution for the use of a mechanical way of creating 130 sets of motif for you! Simply choose which combination you Enjoy, build and play! That is it!

Compatible drives
• Android Nougat AOSP 7,1 OMS
• Android Oreo AOSP 8,0 / 8,1 & Pixel / 2
• Android Oreo OxygenOS 8,0 / 1)
• Android Pie (Pixel and AOSP) (required origin)
• Android Pie OxygenOS (Requires origin)

Note: Nougat OMS Roma
The theme of the substrate requires OMS engine motive supported by Android 7.1 AOSP roms. The theme will not work if you are on the Samsung inventory, inventory lineageOS, Oxygen OS or Omni nougat installed drives.

As for the service Android Oreo & Pie

Pitchblack Oreo & Pie provides full support to Pixel Stock, LineageOS, OxygenOS and some other AOSP Oreo & Pie set of disks

First step: You have to choose android overlay options

Installation for Android Oreo and cake
• Selecting and applying selection
Build and empower
• restart the device
Go to the imposed supervisor and empower pads that are installed

Around service OxygenOS Oreo / Pie
• Include a way that the dark
• Select OxygenOS android version
Overlay and selection • Select than the service
• restart the device
Go to the imposed supervisor and empower pads that are installed

• To change or update QS tile color options visits / display / focus (select Pitchblack accent) is repeated in the same way after each change Pitchblack motive

What does not work on the Oreo & Pie (Skladochnaya) Roms?

• Some eloquent text color can not be reversed, that the additional light notification by default Oreo & Pie drives (dull choice is still available)
• the possibility STATUSBAR disabled. It will not work Pie & Oreo version



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Get AccuWeather: Weather Forecast v5.8.0.4 ( Ads Removed )

AccuWeather Forecast Weather & # 39; I v5.8.0.4 – Stay in touch with the outside conditions & # 39; I, along with AccuWeather. Now is an application which includes a free basic AccuWeather forecasts of precipitation, minuteCast ® Hyper-localized to your own address. AccuWeather ™ provides high accuracy and experience with the & # 39 is fantastic in all computers and smartphones Android Tablet and Android Wear.

Weatherproof with these attributes in the price:

• AccuWeather MinuteCast® precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your GPS or street address location. It contains the intensity and type of precipitation, and the start and finish base for the precipitation. For the contiguous United States, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Andorra, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, as well as on the ground report worldwide.
• If AccuWeather Forecast for places snow, rain, ice, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms, you will notice an orange card, using existing condition exclamation point position with an overview of checks (s) in force.
• Click on the alarms for the harsh conditions in the US warning.
• Radar for all of Europe and North America, and global satellite overlay Google Maps ™, which is a & # 39 is interactive with the function view pictures of these cards to save space.
• Current news and weather forecasts & # 39; I have movies in Spanish and English.

You get local settings and weather forecasts & # 39; I do you expect from AccuWeather:
• Regional and accurate forecasts for each. Forecasts update every 15 minutes all in 33 languages ​​and dialects.
Conditions outside & # 39; I update every 15 minutes with the latest rainfall and humidity of UV-LED, visibility proportions, wind gust speed and control, RealFeel ®, and the time for sunset and sunrise – exclusive forecasting system out & # 39; I , estimates from the AccuWeather weather factors to determine the temperature feels.
Of the ten days the weather & # 39; I events.
• The status of a pub on the main screen displays the temperature on the placement or your gift.
• Ability to save an infinite number of places.
• Option with a 24-hour or 12-hour time display of imperial or metric units, and the landscape or portrait view.
• Analysis of the out & # 39; I tendency easier with graphics on displays that are hourly and daily basis.
• Display settings on your mobile phone with the terms of the chips following requirements.

Weather attributes:
• hazard communication worldwide storm
• Umbrella and jacket notice inside the widget and the program

Note: sunrise and sunset times are observed touching forecast details that may be considered.

Download AccuWeather free and experience the high precision ™, a weather forecast comes from the & # 39; I.



  1. Optimized graphics and refined resources for fast downloads;
  2. PLATINUM features unlocked;
  3. Disabled / remove unnecessary permissions + receivers and services;
  4. Remove automatic label;
  5. On the & # 39; waking removed;
  6. Analytics / Crashlytics disable


More Info :