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Adventures of Mana 1.1.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data android

Mana Adventures 1.1.0 Apk + Mod (unlimited money) + Android data

The Adventures of Mana Role Playing Game is for Android
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Upgrade the excitement of Final Fantasy Adventure
a horrible classic season for a new generation.

Mt. The Mana tree raises on the highest cloud of excitement. The energy of his life draws from the boundaries of the celestial complement, the silence grows silent. According to legend, the one who places the trunk on his hands will be given an eternal power. The Dark Lord of Glaiv now wants to find himself empowering.

Our unknown hero is one of Gladiators who can certify to Glaib Duker. Every day, he and his evil friends were dragged from cells and fought for exotic animals to play Lord Dark. If they are victorious, they will return to the dunks again with a little bread until the next match. But the body can take so much, and it is never long for refugees to make their fate more cruel.

Mana's battle adventures give you freedom without moving around the field you are playing, allowing you to take on a great fight and attack and escape.

· Controls
The player movement is achieved through a virtual joystick available anywhere on the screen. Adjustment automatically added to the feature, even if it moves to your original position, you do not even lose control of the hero.

· Weapons
Weapons are divided into six categories, some of which use damages. To determine what type of equipment is and where it is, it will prove to be the key to your search success.

· Magic
The loss of HP's recovery or removal of many diseases, due to root attacks or deadly blow, is virtually almost everywhere.

· Barriers
Bloodthirsty enemies are not the only way to complete your quests. You will need two tools and your spirits to overcome the many challenges in the world of Mana, blocked doors and hidden rooms as continuous traps increasingly complex as the game progresses.

The Adventures of Mana
The Adventures of Mana
The Adventures of Mana