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Weather Map Forecast 3.202 Apk + Mod android

Flowx: Weather Weather Forecast 3.202 Apk + Mod for Android

Flow: Weather Map It's a weather game
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See the forecast, anywhere in the world, with a unique Flowx weather map and chart. Swipe your finger over the screen to control the forecast animation time. Select data for your needs from 30+ data types and 16 forecast models, including: GFS, GDPS, NAM, HRRR, ICON, ICON-EU, APERGE, AROME, HIRLAM, COSMO-D2, RDPS and HRDPS. Use Flowx weather for organizing anyone interested in birding, fishing, sailing, surfing, biking, hiking, photography, storm monitoring or weather.

The advantage of Flowx is that the forecast data is displayed on the interactive map, giving you a "big picture" and allowing you to understand the weather. With Flowx, you have control over planned information: compare patterns and interpret what they mean to you so you can plan your activities.

Flowx was awarded the Google Play Editors' Choice: Top 5 Weather Forecast Apps.

Flowx Features:
Data types: 30+ data types including rainfall, clouds, wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, waves and more.
Data Sources – Free:
• NOAA GFS – Global
• NOAA NWW3 – Global
• CMC GDPS – Global
• NOAA GDWPS – Global
Data Sources – Pro:
• NOAA NAM – Continental USA
• NOAA HRRR – Continental USA
• NOAA HYSPLIT Smoking Data – Continental USA
• NOAA RTOFS Ocean Model – Global
• DWD ICON – Global
• DWD ICON-EB – Europe
• MeteoFrance ARPEGE – Europe
• MeteoFrance AROME – France
• HIRLAM European Consortium – Europe
• DWD COSMO-D2 – Germany
• CMC RDPS – Canada, USA (including Alaska), Greenland, Iceland
• CMC HRDPS – Canada
Map: use your finger slide preview animation to control the timing. Choose several layers of data to display on the map, such as rainfall and cloud layers with wind currents.
graphics: view weekly weather forecast data at a glance. Choose a graph of Precipitation / Cloud / Wind and DeltaTemp, which compares the temperature with the day before and the graphs showing cold and cold fronts.
Wind Games: animation currents indicate the wind speed and direction.
wave front: the forward lines of the waves indicate the direction of the waves.
Widget: Resize to display a large number of graphics widgets.
10 day weather forecast: With version, you can see 10-day GFS and GDPS predictions.
Graphic Editor: With the pro version you can customize your graphics by choosing the data types.
Map styles: With this version, you can choose from many map options.
Travel mode: automatically updates where you are in the world.
Offline use: After updating the data, use the app to view the offline forecast without the internet.
Permissions: minimum permissions required.
Pro versions: Choose the version of version that suits your needs, see the application for details.

Try Flowx today: watch the forecast and understand the weather systems. It's the easiest way to plan for the weather.

* Flowx was formerly known as WeatherBomb.

Join forum.flowx.io to ask questions and discuss ideas.

Mod Features:

  • Clean up optimized graphics and fast loading resources
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Ads activity and service calls removed
  • He encrypted all resources
  • For Armv7 support only
  • Languages: En, Ru

Flow: Weather Map
Flow: Weather Map
Flow: Weather Map