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With OS12 Style Theme & No Ads 1.6.0 Apk android

New X Launcher: OS12 Style Theme & No Ads 1.6.0 Apk for Android

New X Launcher: With OS12 style theme and no ads It's an Art & Design Game for Android
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X Launcher New (also called iLauncher) is a launcher that combines the benefits of Android and OS12. It uses a flat design style to make the interface more lively and beautiful.
It can completely change the look and feel of the phone, giving it an unprecedented experience.

The X Launcher New is completely different from other launchers (iLauncher or X Launcher Lite, etc.). Based on the latest version of Android 8.1 open source Launcher3, it is stronger and smoother. We are working hard to add new features. New features will be added in later versions, and you may want to welcome them.

Key features:
No ads
The X Launcher is in the development phase. No ads are available today, but most features are already available.

Control Center
Swipe to open the control center; Quickly set WiFi, Network, Clarity, Volume, and Capture.

Various issues
We offer thousands of themes, theme store, which brings you a smooth interface like iOS 12.

Various wallpapers
We design a display center to provide a variety of wallpapers, rich phone icons to support and provide a broad experience.
We also customize the icon pack for popular applications for iOS style.

Powerful application manager
Swipe to open the radio application manager, find local apps, and drop them to your desktop quickly.

Apple Style Folder
We design the iOS Style Folder with a rounded corner, so you can pull the app to another to create a folder.

Left screen
On the left side of the desktop we have a screen on the left that provides a good way to view weather and weather, search for applications, and so on.

Customizable icon
We offer a way to adjust the icon size. You can zoom in or out on the shortcut icon or change the title.

3D Touch
We offer the right 3D Touch menu live. You can easily change the title, add widgets, go to app details, etc.

Unread read notification
We've added a new feature to unread messages, activate Notifer applications in settings, and in large permissions. You can make your own Facebook, Twitter and other apps to show new information tips.

Download the new X Launcher now and join us! More interesting features are coming soon!

New X Launcher: With OS12 style theme and no ads
New X Launcher: With OS12 style theme and no ads
New X Launcher: With OS12 style theme and no ads